Sunday, June 24, 2012


pardon the fact that its been a long while.

K I have a story to tell that I'm a little ashamed of because I should have known better. People have been scolding me about it, "Julia, of ALL people YOU, should have known better. I KNOW I KNOW. jeez I guess I just had to learn my lesson. Here you go.

So since I start crossfit, my muscle mass has increased, so since crossfit became one of my main ways of working out and running got pushed to like 2 days a week instead of 5, I started to suffer with the muscle gain. It was harder to run, it hurt my legs instead of my lungs and it bugged the crap out of me. I was heavier and because of that I couldn't run fast anymore!! So 3 weeks ago I decided that 2 weeks before the race I would do a "cleanse" to help me drop a few so that viola I could run faster right? and then have a week to eat normal food before the race to get all my stores and energy up, good idea right? haha well I thought so. I started last sunday and honestly felt great for 5 days, sure in the evenings I would get tired early and then just go to bed, but as far as feeling super light headed or weak, that wasn't happening! Then thursday at lunch my bro was like, hey, mary, scott, tom and I are going to run 13 miles tonight, wanna join? freak ya I want to join! Well at least I was smart enough to do this, once I found out I was running 13, I started eating carbs, see I'm not totally dumb! Its just I guess eating carbs 4 hours before running 13 miles after not eating like any for 5 days just isn't enough. also guys, its 85 degrees outside, keep that in mind.

So after mile 3, I was dying, I was thirsty, starving and just dead tired. My legs didn't hurt, I wasn't out of breath, but I just couldn't run. Well, I couldn't just turn around could I? Well in my mind I couldn't. So i trudged on. At about mile 7, I legit had to start walking. I have never had to walk on a run before but I had to stop. I got to the point where I would run for a minute and walk for a minute, its all I could do to keep moving. I was so thirsty and hungary its all I could think about. These were the people there, David, Tom and scott were like half a mile ahead of me and mary and her roommate were half a mile behind me, and great, me, I was all by my half dead self. I even legit considered laying down in the shade right off the road in someones yard and just sleeping. I guess thats when I should have known it was bad. Well, at the end of that farm road, it was like 4 miles, david and them had stopped because apparently they had given us the wrong name of the  road we were going to turn on so they stopped to let us know. So we all waited there for a few minutes, started walking, and I, could barely pick up my feet. the boys took off and Mary, kiley and I half ran half walked. Mary had been doing the cleanse with me and was equally dying. Then we realized mary was listening to music on her iphone. DUH WE ARE CALLING SOMEONE TO PICK US UP. Well by the time we finally got a hold of someone, we had gotten a mile and a half from home. but it was worth it cause I don't think I would have made it any further. Well my dear roommate Whitney came to get us, i didn't realize I was in that bad of shape until whitney pulled up to pick us up, and I started sobbing uncontrollably. I was just so glad it was over and emotionally and physically gone.

So I get home and guzzle 2 huge glasses of water, I can't really stand so I just grab peanut butter and a banana and start wolfing it down on the kitchen floor. Then I make a pb&j and kind of lie down while trying to eat it and I get half way through before my stomach starts to feel sick and my whole body is so tired I start kind of convulsing and I'm so weak I can barely pick up my head, then I start freaking out so I'm sobbing and hyperventilating. Then my hands started to seize and I couldn't move them, same with my face, and they were tingling uncontrolably. My roommates are trying to calm me and my roommies faience and my fhe bro give my a blessing. Looking back, it would have been pretty scary to see and I'm sorry they had to see it, if I were them I wouldn't know what to do!! Well after nothing was getting better they took me to the hospital. I was so weak I couldn't even pick up my head, I had to get carried like a dead person! well I got there and they took me back. Apparently the reason my hand and face were seizing because I was hyperventilating. also,  I was dehydrated and didn't have enough food in me. So they pretty much just calmed me down, gave me an I-V and I was on my way.

I've never been so scared in my life! I didn't know what was happening and I have learned my lesson about trying to "drop a few" and then running 13 miles. never again.

I'm still feeling the effects from it. Fri morning I felt like I got hit by a bus so I didn't work out and then last night and today all I've wanted to do is sleep, I feel weak. that was the hardest thing i've ever done emotionally and physically. I was so drained.

Well the spartan race is in 6 days so I BETTER BE BETTER. 100%. k
that was  a long story and I'm sorry, but it just freaked me out and I hadn't blogged in a while, so I thought i'd share.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Party of the year

so last night my roommates and I threw a party for Christina's Bday party. She wanted something awesome and big to help start of being 21, so my apartment started planning. We then found that it was a couple other peoples birthday the same week as hers so we made it a tri-bday party.

We created this event of Fbook and a few people said they were comin and then as more and more people said they were comin we got really excited. 85 pl baby!
So we reserved the Nauvoo lounge and got an awesome DJ, Taylor Klein, and then did some decorating up stairs, got some sodas and some candies and then cleared out downstairs for the dance party.

No on shows up on time of course, but even when it was just all my roommates and like 10 other people the dance party was awesome. Great lighting and music etc....then the people started comin!

First off, we didn't even recognize half the people that showed up. People were coming because they heard there was a party or because they heard the music from a long way away and wanted to come! It was excellent. So many attractive men in one place! How did we get all of these men in one place?! It was quite the attractive party for both guys and girls.

At one point you could barely move upstairs there were so many people!

People were coming and going the whole night, but at one time there was probably at least 150 people there and probably a total of 300 coming in and out the whole night.

Lets just say IT WAS A SUCCESS. I got to meet so many new people and it was just marvelous. Christina looked hot. She's freaking awesome and I love her! So glad we were able to throw that awesome party together and bask in the success of it.

ps. MY MOM IS COMING IN 3 HOURS. I CANNOT WAIT. I love my mom. happy saturday.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

True Joy

Talked about finding true joy and happiness today in church. Loved it.
It put me in this amazing mood, I just loved it.
It got me thinking about how all my happiest times are when my family is all together and just how grateful I am for how amazing they are!!

It also made me so happy about the gospel and how I am so glad its in my life because that is really how I find joy in everything. There is so much hope in the world and its just been a joyful day.

A few excitements

1. My oldest sister Annalise just had her first baby!! I now have a new nephew. His name is John Edward Sandberg. Isn't that just a lovely name? and from the pictures I see, he's pretty dang cute. Can't wait to hold him!

2. In exactly 2 months from today I will be doing this again. I don't think word can express how freaking excited I am....

3. Its CHRISTINAS birthday today :) She's 21 my friends. All grown up, I love her! So glad we're able to live together this semester.

get to run 6 miles tomorrow morning, I've been away from running for a while because of a really bad cold. Can't wait to be back on track!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I just can't sleep at night,
and sometimes, I really can't sleep at night.
Well last night was definitely one of those nights.
Went to bed at 11:30, it took me longer than the usual 5-10 minutes to fall asleep

woke up at 1:50, thinking, wow, Its really hot in here and wow my hand hurts really bad (calluses ripped off from kipping pull-ups). I was definitely not going back to sleep. Pushed open the window and laid in my bed on my laptop just doing the randoms for an hour. Then I'm like, k, lets have a go at this whole sleep thing again. I lay there for another hour trying to get confortable. I was tossing and turning so much. So when 4 rolled around and I was definitely not going back to sleep, I decided to be productive. So I did homework!
I got all my homework done for Family Foundations and did some biostatistics. It is now 6 in the morning, I've been doing hw for 2 hours and I've been up for 4. I'm still wide awake..

I guess its time to move on to anat and phys hw!

Something tells me that 2 hours of sleep will not be enough and that a major crash sesh this afternoon will be a necessity. As for right now, I'm feelin great!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

a sunfilled day

yesterday was the first good day seattle has given us since we've been home. so we spent the day adventuring and enjoying the sun <3

PS. those trails up there are the trails I run all the time :) now can you see why I love them so much? they're 2 minutes from my house and its like I'm in the mountains! This is the first time I've hiked them, so I was finally able to take photos!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Watching one of my favorite shows with my mom right now, I Shouldn't Be Alive.
Went sailing the other day in the Puget Sound. it was perfect
Cadbury eggs are my favorite, I had the opportunity to consume 8 of them yesterday

Ran in the trails this morning down to the lake. Most relaxing and amazing run of my life. Found a trail that ran on the waterfront for a mile. Trees, ferns, mud, and the smell of fresh flowers. perfect

Purchased my first pair of colored pants. they are mint my friends. They're from H&M and I love them.

Visited my old work yesterday and was able to catch up with Kasey and Amanda over chinese food. Oh how I miss all our work conversations.

There has been lots of shopping. I got some neon orange nike shorts, neon pink nail polish, blouses of course, and my favorite purchases, this J Crew bathing suite!

I ordered it online and I really hope it fits! I had to get a size up because of my ridiculously long torso. Some of their other bathing suites had a "long torso" option that makes it several inches longer. This one didn't have that option, sooooo I went with the size up. It was just worth it because I loved it so much!

Also, my hair? Yes I like it and its fun. But that one photo makes it look so much better and a good blonde color. But in real life its a lot more yellow and brassy. I'm going to get it fixed soon. 2 weeks of plasma and then off to the salon to get it not so brassy. I can't wait for that. I will be so much more confident! Not that I don't like it, its just I loved my hair before and now I'm not very confident. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

last day

Goin home baby!!! I finished with finals on wednesday and have seriously been bummin it. Stef left last night and I don't know when I'll see her again! She's such a fast runner that she's leaving us mere mortals to go run cross country for BYU hawaii!!! Thats right, she's a beast.  She found out about a week ago, its been her dream forever so she's pumped. I'm just so sad that I wont be living with her in the fall. There were some tears last night and I already miss her. She is awesome.

Also, last night/this morning it snowed. like whaaaaa.

christina and I loaded all our crap down flights of stairs, into the back of my track, then back up flights of stairs into our new apt. in a blizzard. Everything was snowfilled and it was FREEZING.

kinda funny seeing as it was 60 earlier this week and supposed to be 70 on monday....

time to drive home now. see ya